The NATO-Revolution in Libya

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The Libyan revolution – or the NATO-Revolution in Libya.

The fate of Libya, the fate of Libyan martyrs, victims and injured civilians, soldiers and children – the fate of all humans of Libya – made by Western intervention, self-interests, violence and civil war.

This controversial subject caused me sleepless nights, many open questions and heartfelt pain. This controversial subject should open everyone’s eyes. Wake up, world. Everyone can be the next.

The main problem of the cruel fate of Libya: The allegation, distortion and clarification of facts – especially by the media coverage.
The main interests for Western intervention:
– Libya was one of the biggest oil producer within the OPEC countries.
– in 2009 Libya was flowing 77,1 million tons of oil and around 30 billion cm³ of gas
– Libya was – in the view of the „per capita income“ (more than 6000US$ per year) – one of the leading countries of Africa
– the primary export countries were: USA, Italy, Spain and Germany

If we put this in our mind and compare the revolutions in Egypt or Tunisia with Libya, we possibly realize that there weren’t the same reasons for the upraising.
Egypt has (for example) an illiteracy rate of ~50%, Libya just ~17%.
Libya had a free social insurance, which included primary health care, pensions for widows and orphans and also retirement annuities.
Before the NATO placed themselves on the part of the rebels, there were less that 5% starving and Libya’s poverty line was lower than Netherlands‘ …
Because of worldwide increasing food prices, Muammar Gaddafi remitted the payment of taxes.
Gaddafi’s way of economy – to manage the countries‘ ressources inside Libya without influence of large Western concerns like Shell – was out of square with Western interests.
Furthermore, Gaddafi was pursuing an „Arab Argeement“, especially with Egypt and Syria.
In 1980 he initialized a big project of central water supply for Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Chad, which was brought into service on 1st of September 2010 – just 5 month before the unrests started and – as a result of this – condemned to failure.
The intention of this project was clearly profitable for whole Northafrica and with a successfull functioning it would have been a big step for a self supply of Arab countries – where actually happens a destabilization on the part of the industrial countries.
Libya owned 4 big water reservoirs, which contained around 35000ckm and as a part of Gaddafi’s vision this was planned to establish an economically independent Libya, which could be able to supply all Africa.
These ideas were an obvious setback to the Western industrial countries and during the NATO-attacks they were simply bombed-out.
There’s something that should be noticed as well: Libya was on it’s way to get independent and to establish an African independent community. So, there was just one way to prevent this and to keep Africa’s dependence of the West: The ruin of Libya as a result of causing trouble between it’s tribes. And exactly this was given after Gaddafi’s death.
In 2010 it was England that offers Libya profitable weapon-deals, which finally were used against the Libyan citizens. The plan worked out.

There are many known facts about Gaddafi and Libya and about the positive aspects of his regime, many statistics which are proving that the living standard in Libya was rated higher than in Egypt, or Syria, or other Arab countries – but all those facts suddenly became unimportant and the mainstream media focussed only on negative effects, which mostly were based on lies and gave a false colour. All this just as a matter of substantiating the conclusion of the NATO-Intervention.

Thanks to NATO-Propaganda which successfully blinded whole Western nations, manipulated their opinions and directed their attitudes in the view of Arab countries.

If the media is reporting about NATO-Intervention or Western interference in Arab countries, anyone should think twice and be doubtful in the first place. Just imagine: What does this country have, what possibly could be interesting for the West and which justifies an intervention up to a war?
I still remember February 2011, during my stay in Egypt, while media coverage was reporting about Gaddafi and everyone around me said, that Libya will not have riots like Egypt. Everyone was laughing while Gaddafi was shown on tv, cruising in a „tuk tuk“ with an umbrella and everyone around me believed that he will come through it easy and I’m sure that no one expected such a cruel execution as it happens after.
Media was reporting about „rebels“ in this time. Announcing that „rebels“ attacked governmental institutions with continuing violence and they showed us Gaddafi-Supporters during peaceful protests.
I remember an interview of Gaddafi with a local german news channel as well, in which he explained that there are no violent clashes in Libya and that it’s not the same kind of unrest like in other Arab countries.
Followed by interviews like this, the mainstream media changed and reports about „unarmed civilians injured by Gaddafi fighters“ took place. Not any sentence about „rebels“ again. „Rebels“ turned to „freedom fighters“ and Libyan army to „Gaddafi mercenaries“ and „occupiers“. Mission NATO-Propaganda started.
Misinformations, lies, subjective interviews were spread around the world and also the ICC pressed every button to accuse Gaddafi and his followers, but not in the least any rebel-crime.
Immediately nearly every Western government announced loud criticism against the Gaddafi-Regime, they set warnings and threats – especially USA and France. But, did anyone criticise or warn the rebels? Did anyone tell the rebels to stop their massacre? I can’t find any report about accusing the Gaddafi-Opposition…

All of them were hiding under the guise of „Peacemaker“, „Freedom fighters“, „Protector of the civilians“ and so on. No one of them – until now – is pleading guilty for any dead person. They made Gaddafi responsible for every single death, for every (murder) victim and for the whole civil war.
The NATO came with false pretences of „protection of civilians“ and „peacekeeping“ as well as „protection of human rights“. This means: bombing cities, hospitals, schools, leading companies and destroying the life of thousands of „unarmed citizens“. Furthermore it means an excuse to murder a dictator, who was not even allowed to attack anyone by air and who was accused of violation of human rights…
Luis Farrakhan explained it very well: He said that the NATO came to liberate the Libyans from a regime, which killed innocent people, but did the president of USA never killed people????
How would Obama or Sarkozy or Merkel or any other Western government react, if a group of violent rebels, armed and dangerous, would burn down state institutions or parliaments? Do you think that they would argue this out peaceful and objective? No way. Mark this words in your mind.

„Multiparty democracy is a sham promoted by governments that treat their people like donkeys and deny them real power. We have seen the world shaken by the multiparty systems. What on earth do we need with the alternation of power when power is in the hands of the masses? The world is fed up with parties and elections. Even the Western intelligentsia feels disgusted with the party system and the farce of elections. They acknowledge the fact that what is going on is not democracy but falsification. The world is going to eventually embrace the people’s authority, sweeping away all those old systems. We will never abandon the State of the Masses. There will be no going back on the people’s authority.“
– Muammar Gaddafi, 2007

The full NATO-Intervention in Libya is a ridiculous, questionable and sneaky campaign based on self-interests of some Industrial countries, especially USA, France and England.
For that reason we were not allowed to know about the tryout of the new „Eurofighters“ in Libya. For that reason the Western media didnt point out, that Sarkozy used Libya for his election campaign – by denouncing Gaddafi’s violation of human rights – but offered Ben Ali „support by arms“ to defeat the protests in Tunisia and for that reason even now we are not worth it to know, that NATO is still operating in Libya instead of the proclaimed full retreat.

The usual way to solve problems is to support peace negotiations. Well, to incite a war and to destroy a countrys‘ infrastructure, economy and nation is incompatible with this. Just ask yourself, why Libya rather was ruined than saved…
If they would have supported peace negotiations followed by a democratization and fair elections, it could be possible that another government establishes, which is not loyal to the West and in the worst case could try to follow Gaddafi’s plans of an independent Libya.
So better to bomb than to renounce oil-opportunities. Mission completed. Libya destroyed – next stop Syria.

During all this interventions to Arab countries I lost the respect for Western governments in any view. But, in some parts I’m still proud to be german – because we denied our participation of this NATO-massacre and didn’t contribute on a genocide made by the West.
The words of our minister of foreign affairs were: „The enforcement of a no-fly zone is a military intervention, because the Libyan air defence must be disabled.“ Thanks a lot for this.

While Gaddafi was still alive human rights organizations were taking up positions everywhere. Media coverage reported 24 hours about violation against human rights, injured victims who needed help and Gaddafi-crimes against the Libyan nation.
Now, since the NATO-strike is „officially“ finished, they leave Libya to it’s own devices and descended into chaos. Even after rebels claimed their benefits for executing Gaddafi from the NATO, it seemed unimportant and Libya disappears from our media more and more.

Even if there are several websites and blogs, which are arguing a death-hoax of Gaddafi, it comes without any proof.
Jut comparing the face of the dead body with pictures of Gaddafi while he was alive is not enough to make people believe. Motassim Gaddafi was captured alive but shortly after this shown dead. They don’t doubt this despite the fact that maybe he’s still alive, too. Who knows? No one offered clear proofs of the DNA tests, furthermore there were no confirmations of the Gaddafi family or Gaddafi supporters. Just have a look at the story of Khamis. How many times they declared him dead and how many times it was nothing but a lie afterwards.
Abdullah Al-Senoussi: same situation. Immediately after they proclaimed the capture of Saif Al-Islam they published the same about Al-Senoussi, but finally it was a lie, too. How come that Western media does not criticise those misinformations and why they are not drawing conclusions from this by doubting the reliability of those questionable authorities?
Anway, even if Gaddafi is still alive, but the way of executing his „double“, his son and many other victims showed us methods of stone Age people, who were murdering other in public and who had no respect or scruples in the view of human beings and death.
To share pictures, videos or records of the brutality, impudence and misery to every part of the world while showing themselves as executioners and celebrating the death of others is far away of any civilisation and proved that without Gaddafi Libya descends to chaos.
I don’t know why I opened some of the cruel youtube-links and actually I wish that I never did it, but those pictures didn’t reach me in the way as they were intended for – they reached me as the message, that Libya is not ready for a peaceful democracy as long as they show a behaviour of dark age, including murderous ambitions and violent acts to take revenge on those, who were tyring to lead Libya out of the third world.
I’m sure that no one of those who killed Gaddafi (or his double) and Motassim (or his double) and many others, would like to see their relatives (or friends) humbled and wounded to death in public media, accessible to everyone and blemished without any scruples.
There’s a huge contradiction if they demand on human rights but act with horrible massacres and executions and I’m asking every human-rights-watch organization and every Western government: How can it be that you are supporting murderers? How can it be that the ICC brings a charge against Saif Al-Islam, but not against brutal rebels who have homicidal tendencies and a stone-age way of thinking?
Who gave any Western industrial country the right to intervene in an Arab conflict and as if this weren’t enough to advise, to accuse and to comment on topics, which aren’t their business?

Libya was on it’s way to an Arab independence, Gaddafi „updated“ his ideology with Western ideas, but after the foreign „democratization“ there’s now an upward tendency that Libya will suffer the same fate like Afghanistan and Iraq – where NATO-Democracy is already existing.
Let’s put in our minds, if in March 2011 the NATO would not have been preventing the defeat of armed riots in Benghazi by Gaddafi’s troops and instead of this would have been supporting the recovery of a state system.
Surely now there would be less victims counted, less cities destroyed and less civilians injured.

However described – Muammar Gaddafi will go down in history. As martyr, as dictator, as father, as husband, as friend or simply as an enemy of the West.

My heartfelt sympathy for those, who lost their relatives, their homes, their lifes or their friends during this massacre. There is no difference between deep mourning, neither if you lost your husband while he was fighting against Gaddafi-supporters, nor if you lost your brother while he tried to defeat the rebels.
As long as we are fighting against each other, there’s no solution insight and as long as we are seeking revenge there will never be peace.


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