only in english.

At the requests of my foreign friends, I will work on an english translation asap.

About grammatical mistakes – forgive me. Important is just the intention 🙂


I’m not a politician, I’m not in service of any press agency, I haven’t got a degree in politics or economics and neither me, nor anyone of my family has arabic roots or muslim religion.
But: I have comprehensive, university-based, skills regarding Islamic and Oriental studies and an abundance of interest in Arab countries and their culture.
I would say, that I’m a kind of „freethinker“ and I don’t have any problem to give the world a bit of my mind…

As a result of my constant and long stays in Egypt, I gained a lot of experience with the arab mentality, language and the muslim religion and although it’s not my homeland, it takes part of my heart.

Why I created this blog…

First, I had to „visualize“ my thoughts, because I was already on my way to go insane by thinking every day and night.
In the early days of the upraising movements in Tunisia, doubts came to my mind and while several talkings to friends and family, I realized that Egypt will be the next.
So I decided to organize a trip to Cairo and see the changes with my own eyes and without western media.
I found Egypt in a strange condition after those riots and also the views and opinions of my egyptian friends were divided.
Until now the situation is not clear – as you can see from recent events in Tahrir square.

I will offer more precise explanation, especially on Libya and the common „Arab Spring“, available in english – asap.

My basic intention with this blog is to deal with specific topics, which already touched my heart and about what I have to tell my opinion to the world. I went through lots of sleepless nights, because of the most horrbile reports I ever saw and read and after that I decided that this is the time to write down all my anger and frustration caused of current international and german events.

Who do I want to adress with this…

First, I need to specify our western society into „categories“:

  1. the credulous, ingenuous servants
  2. the lethargic, uninterested non-participants
  3. the voyeuristic, mentally lazy followers
  4. and last but not least.. the small minority of doubters, freethinkers and reviewer

I don’t set a target group to this blog, but anyone who deals with my outlined issues here, will start to think about it – good or bad, pro or contra – but if I reach „minds“, I’m on target 😉
My point of view is not neutral or indifferent – because I’m trying to be apart from the massmedia, which manipulates the people a lot, especially in industrial countries like Germany.
The recent events around the world – for example the NATO-intervention in Libya or the „Greece problem“ in Europe – should wake up our society.
This blog will make my contribution to wake people up. This blog is said to open eyes, call for discussions and especially to encourage independent thinking – away from media-propaganda.

© 2011 – by mizztroublemaker